First I would like to say thank you, for each and everyone who continue to make time reading my blog. I thought I couldn’t write again. This is my 2nd life.Talking about second chances? last April 8 was my birthday. I’m so happy and the whole family because we were going to a resort to celebrate my day. Such an exciting day for us. We don’t know how to get get there so we’re just using an Application to locate the resort  which proves that  it can show you the way but not the safest way. So if your planning to visit a place, ask the local first. They know better. We know better next time.

The kids were excited and I can’t help to be happy for them. It’s another adventure for everyone. I always have this urge to let people know that there’s more in this world. That exploring mother earth is one of the gift that our Creator allow us to do. My heart is at peace. I haven’t felt it for a while. I’m one with nature.  When we’re just 2 km away, something happened. The guard told us that were not allowed to enter the road because it’s a private property and we need to take the other one. And another vehicle do the same. So we exit the premises and the other vehicle followed us as well. I don’t know why. I’m a far sighted person but when I look back, I saw the drivers smiling face. As if telling me, it’s okay. Life is good. Don’t you worry.
  And then bang! 

Our driver were not able to push through. We almost hit the other jeepney who followed us. He lost the break and were driving backward. Until we reached the concrete barrier of the road and we fall in the cliff.  Yes! the first hit was hard but after that, everything was in slow motion. Were falling and I’m not closing my eyes.  As if we’re in action movie during the fall. And my mind was shouting at me ” you will die but my heart is at peace”. 

And then it stop!

I heard my son was missing. I jumped right away and look for him. He was okay though as well as my twins. And the rest of us were okay. We make sure everyone was able to get the important things and leave everything behind.

God is so good for us. He make sure the kids were safe and no one was badly hurt.The residents called the ambulance and they came fast. Were grateful for the helping hands.  I can’t comprehend. As if it was just a joke but it’s not. Some of us have cuts and bruises and suffering pain from the accident but we’re alive. Most of the staff in the hospital is in awed because they’re expecting dead bodies but we’re all breathing. They said, last year the same  accident happened. And some lost their lives along the way. When we ride the van to go home after the doctors permit, it hit to me. 

Were alive.

All of us.

And we’re going home.

 I can’t  help the tears. I felt blessed. My heart is so happy and free. I’m at peace. God really has its own way of showing us, what happiness really means. It’s about family, contentment and safety. My Lord makes me realized that I’m so lucky in so many ways. He has plans. His way is not easy but it will leave a mark in your heart that will keep on riminding you to be happy wherever you are.

This world is not the safest place to live that’s why God make us a warrior of life. Always have the heart to see beauty in everything. Don’t forget to be thankful and don’t lose the hope that even in the darkest moments in your life, God will see you through.

16 thoughts on “The second Chance and my one Year anniversary in blogging…

    1. God make sure we’re fine. Right now we know how blessed we are just by living day by day. It’s traumatic but the overflowing love from Him will surely make us conquer our fear of traveling with the whole family again.
      And thank you. We’re doing good now.

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