Summer is officially here. We want to enjoy the summer heat minus the sun burn. Yes! our skin also needs protection and it’s our responsibility to do so.

And what I like about these sunscreens from Belo. It’s safe for skin even to babies skins. It’s mild and it doesn’t feel heavy. You don’t need to wait after applying. You can go ahead and feel the hot breeze of the sun. It’s very convenient to use. 

It’s time to say goodbye to lotions. I need to admit not all of us really want to feel the sticky feeling eventhough we know it’s good to our skin. Good thing Belo Mist is here. You just spray it and that’s it. It’s like your not wearing a sunscreen at all. Your skin is protected and your good to go.
They also have Belo Ultra gentle formula for your kids. Just spray it and just avoid the eye area and mouth.  You know it’s delicate to their skin and the kids is protected. That’s the good news!
And also they have the Belo SPF 60 sunscreen. It’s like a lotion minus the sticky feeling. I swear! it’s really good. It’s lightweight. You can applied this to your face. I’m doing it. Because the two sunscreen above is a spray.  So it’s hard to spray it to your face obviously so I’m using this instead. 

And this young girl is enjoying the Belo as well.

She wants my mist eventhough she has the gentle formula for herself. But of course she’s not using mine.

There you go!
Hope Belo will be part of your kit this summer season.

Enjoy the heat of the sun by using the best  protection from Belo, The sunscreen expert!

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