I should admit I’m not a good swimmer, I can’t even swim. But the water is always calling me. I like the pool  and the ocean, minus the terrible heat of the sun. So I’m looking forward of using products that’s good for our skin with the extra  protection. 

So when I heard about GoSwim, the only thing that I came up with is, it’s for swimmers. Then it claims that it’s a chlorine neutralizer. So I was like, really?I never heard about it before. All I know is a sunscreen protection.  We know how much chlorine there is in a swimming pool. The main reason why it stings in our eyes and our skin darkened easily.  So I was really excited to try it.

What I like about the soap:

  •   Its securely pack. So even though you accidentally sit it, it’s just okay.
  • I like the idea that it’s white and it’s sturdy. So even though you will going to use it in the shower, it will surely last for a long time. Unlike the regular soap that the moment you used it, it will only last for a couple of days only. With this it last for a month to us. Yey!Magic!( It depends on how many person is using the soap)🔆🔆🔆
  • I love the scent. Its mild and smells clean.
  • It does wonders to your skin. Even you stay in the pool for a long time, it will go back to its smooth texture after the shower. The moisturizer is real in this product.
  •  Very affordable for its size.

The only thing that I noticed, you should rinse it right away. It kinda sting a bit if it’s in your skin for a long time or maybe I’m just too exposed to the sun that even this mild soap can make my skin sting. But overall, it’s a must have if your a pool lover.
And take note it’s also okay to use it on everyday bath because even our tap water has chlorine. This soap is very versatile not just for swimmers but for team household as well. A must try for everyone.

This is actually one of my essential  whenever we have a pool activity.😊

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