It’s never easy to bring kids in the mall without the fuss and the crying and tantrums scene. Trust me, I’ve got worst. But I want my child to be more sociable and be exposed to the outside world. So what I usually do is be prepared before going out and wearing comfortable outfit. It will be an active day for sure but It’s getting better each time if not worst. Just be familiarize to the mall so you know what area to avoid. We  know kids are being pushy if they won’t get what they want so parents should be wise as well.
So this are tips that’s help me most of the time.

  • Always be prepared with token. Kids always wants to play.
  • Go directly to the place you want to go. They get bored easily.
  • Let them play wherein they can stay in one area for a few minutes. So your energy won’t be drained.
  • Knows what your child want. In that way if you want to leave the area, you can used it to get your child moving. Like do you want an icecream? It helps me most of the time.😁
  • Bring a lot of patience.
  • Be fit! You will have a lot of running. Your child is a born athletic. Being tired is not in their vocabulary.

They look so innocent but they can drive you crazy. That’s one of their talent. Hahaha! kidding aside.  Allow them to just play and play until they get tired .

There you go!

Hope this will help you.

5 thoughts on “How to make your child enjoy the mall without you being stress.

  1. Ako, I give my child foods. Hehe. I remember one time, we’re at the mall, just the two of us. I was looking for a pillow case. The first thing I did upon arriving was to buy her fries. She just ate on her stroller while I roam around. My prob with my daughter is that she always wants to walk and run by herself and I just can’t allow her to. She doesn’t ask for anything, she just want to roam around on her own. But it’s a scary world here so I need to keep an eye on her.

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    1. Oh diba?Nakakaloka sila. Iba-iba trip ng mga kids. Yong sakin naman ayaw niya ng food. Pero pag may nakitang laruan, ayon ayaw ng paawat. Kaya dapat alam talaga ang pupuntahan kung hindi, mapapasubo talaga. 😁😁😁
      Masaya na may kasamang bata pero kailangan munang mag-imbak ng lakas at pasensiya na din ng madami.
      Iba na talaga ngayon. Di pwedeng malingat kahit saglit pag nasa labas.


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