A mother and a woman have lots of struggles in life. It’s never easy but for sure it’s all worth it.  And in my honest opinion, woman should have a lot of love for herself to be able to give more to her family.  It’s not selfishness, it’s self love. 

Its okay to feel bad about yourself. To feel like your not worth the pain. Your not worth for the critics. Your not worth for everything that’s going on with your life while others were having fun. But dear, let me tell you. Feel all those pain and do something for yourself.

 If eating healthy will make you fit, then go! If going to a salon will make you feel pampared, then go! If wandering around will bring you back to your own sane, then I’ll support you.  Whatever you think will be good for you, then don’t hesitate to do something for yourself. Yes! a favor to the person who works so hard to be able to cope up to everyone’s need.  

In my freaking hours and downtime ,I always makes sure I have this products with me. Why?Because  it’s good for me. It makes me feel fresh and moisturize. Even though I exfoliate my skin together with my frustrations in life, it will make me feel good again. It will moisturize my skin and leaving it clean and fresh. 

Yes! this is no joke. It’s all herbal and paraben free. I believe woman should have products whose suitable for her needs and this products were a must.  Not because it does what it says but it will really make you feel good about your skin. And it’s within the reasonable price.  
And when you feel pampared and fresh, you can surely face the world again. 
 Theirs really something about its scent that will calm you down whenever you want to transform into a dragon who wants to toast someone’s alive. Kidding aside.  It’s really good for the skin. These are the reason why..

Himalaya Herbals Apricot Scrub:


Price:  ₱99.00

Himalaya Herbals is a range of natural, effective and safe products that use special herbs carefully selected from nature. Combining the best of Ayurveda with years of scientific research, these products effectively restore your skin‘s natural health and vitality.


Apricot Seed Powder – An outstanding soother and hydrator that stimulates skin’s healthy texture and structure while discouraging surface bacteria.

Wheat Germ Oil – A source of Vitamin E that nourishes and boosts skin elasticity keeping it fresh and cool with an instant glow


USAGE: Gently massage with fingertips in a circular motion over damp face and neck while avoiding the area around the eyes. Wash off and pat dry. Use 2-3 times a week for healthy, glowing skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Himalaya Herbals Clear complexion Whitening Face Wash


Price: ₱149.00

A soap- free, daily use  face wash that cleanses and clarifies your skin of impurities, giving you a clear, radiant and even complexion. 


Saffron – Moisturizes, soothes, and promotes skin fairness

Licorice and White Dammer – Has skin whitening and antioxidant properties that help to lighten skin tone and inhibit melanin synthesis

Pomegranate and Cucumber – Nourishes and soothes the skin


USAGE: Moisten face and massage all over while avoiding the delicate eye area. Wash off and pat dry. For best results, follow this up with Clear Complexion Whitening Day Cream. Suitable for all skin types.

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash


Price: ₱ 159.00

 Purifying Neem Tree  Face Wash is a gentle, soap- free face wash gel that cleanses and refines your skin’s​ uneven texture  by removing excess oil and impurities without over-drying.  It’s Neem leaf and Turmeric extracts help prevent  troublesome acne  and pimples leaving your skin soft, clear and refreshed and problem- free.

Key Ingredients:

Neem Leaf Extract – Has powerful antibacterial property that prevents acne and pimples, and minimises the appearance of blemishes.

Turmeric – An anti-septic extract that fights free radicals ,  reducing the risks of damage to the skin.


Moisten face and massage all over avoiding the delicate eye area. Wash and Pat dry.

There you go.
A woman should knows how to take good care of herself and knows how avoid toxic people together with toxic products that’s not good for the skin. Always choose your products and Check the labels before using.

*Price may change without prior notice. So you better get yours now.

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