Are you weary and down?
Don’t know what to do?

Someone is telling you to take away your life?
Your worthless and you don’t mean a thing.

No one will gonna miss you anyway, so why keep on living?

When the world seems so dark don’t let darkness​ consume you. Night were made to rest and to forget all the worries and heartaches and pain away. Don’t take the opportunity of taking your own life to silence the night. Instead, take a good bath and talk to someone to lessen the burden.  A lot of people cares for you. It’s just your inner demon convincing you that your not. You have your family and friends and all you need to do is to tell them all you feel. You were never alone, you just simply making that invinsible​ wall because your too afraid to ask for help. When in fact it’s not that hard. Just simply ask. Ask and you will be lighten. Lighten that burden of yours . I don’t like the idea that someone will lost a life again from committing suicide. It saddens me and my heart is broken into pieces. And if your reading this. Please. Spare yourself for whatever your mind was telling you. 

Seek help. Don’t be afraid to tell that your afraid, alone and frightened. A lot of people will help you. The world is lot kinder than your own head sometimes. Good people still do exist.  Perfect people doesn’t. So cast the spell. Let the demon go to hell but please stay……
Stay to your family and friends. Stay where you belong. Don’t let the sadness take away your sunshine. Go out from that cave. Take a walk and pray. 
Pray for whatever your heart is looking for. Do what’s good for you. Literally good for you. 
Don’t take your life just nurtured it. And you’ll see, beautiful things still do exist if you just keep on living and loving and caring yourself.

Coming from:

My 4:03am thoughts​.

6 thoughts on “The Silent killer…

    1. Exactly! we’re just too afraid to be judged. But things aren’t that bad at all. We just need to move forward. But people with depression has a different story to tell. They need help more than they know it. The silence is killing them.

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      1. You are so right and that’s why people are so quick to judge, because they don’t want to be judged themselves. And yes, depression has its own novel and people with it, they’re just afraid because they’ve been judged and that’s why their voice has been taken. It’s just up to the kind hearted to help give them a voice, all they need is a push to lift up their voices.

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      2. Yes. You said it right. They really need to be aware that a lot of people are willing to help than to judge them. We might be judgemental in some part of our lives but we also have the heart to help. If only they will seek help which I have high hopes that they will surely does. I hope they will read this post and feel that they’re​ never alone and will never be.

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      3. Very true, they need to know that a lot of people are willing to help them but they are skeptical because they’ve been judged, ignored or whatnot. Depressed people develop a syndrome just like us called “can’t trust anyone”. And we’ve all felt that way at one time in our lives. They feel society is all the same that’s why it’s important for people to reach out and show that every heart isn’t the same. I hope they do read your post and see that they’re are genuine hearts still in the world, like you, and that they don’t have to walk a lonely road.

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      4. Thank you and yes the world still have a lot of good people. We might not be Saint but still good. And I’m sure you will do the same to whoever seek help. Let’s spread the news that this world is a little bit kinder and safer to live.


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