I will always go back to the time that the world seems so vibrant and blue. Where Dreaming about a fairytale stories was an exciting journey. When I think about a dragonfly, I thought they were the messenger of the fairies and the spy of the villains. You see? my childhood is so simple. And I always thought that life is all about finding your prince charming and ruling kingdoms. It’s all about friendship. Yes, the kind of humans whose craziness is not lower than mine.

It’s about waking up in the morning and hearing my moms voice aloud. It irritates me more than waking me up but now I realized it’s not that bad at all. It’s just my judgement during those times were not as wide as now.


Im smilling looking back to those days.
The days when life seems simple but happy. Where family consists of Father, mother and siblings. The time that circles of friends doesn’t seems circle at all. Since I only have few. Not because I’m not happy for where I am right now.
I just wanted to personally congrats my younger years for bringing me to where I am right now. I may not made the perfect decisions but I did what I needed to do during those times. I don’t quit. I strived hard when everyone tells me I need to stop. I stop when everyone tells me to keep going. They’re just battles to win and dreams to forget. I learned that I need to have a guidelines in decision making.
It’s safer to say,I’m a risk taker but I’m a calculative individual. I know my limits and I know how to wait. I know how to stop and to keep going. And I believe people should be very keen in planning their life. No one should be the captain of the ship when it’s their own yatch. I mean why bought an airplane when you can navigate it.? Unless you mean business and your aiming to build an airline company.
You see the point?
You should do what’s good for you and what’s better . But then again. I just wanted to go back to you.
Where it all started and  where the whole journey begins…

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