Im afraid to be left behind.

Whenever someone tells me if they’re going to die, will you do this and that?

It really made me sad.

How come this people talk something like that?

Like dying is like attending a ceremony the next day?

Why are they so selfish in inflicting pain?

How will I survived?

How can I move on?

Why is my tears keeps on falling?

Why oh why?
So it made me realized, I don’t know what the future may bring. But what I can do is to savour each day with the people I care. And praying hard and harder that I will be strengthened by time. That I will be able to see the day that everyone is doing good. That everyday is like a holiday. Full of laughter and fun. No hatred, no pain, no what if and what not.  I’m hoping that the day will come that only gratitude and positivity exist.  
A troubled heart can always hope for the best. And praying that I will be able to face each day with new perspective and new beginning.
I have a lot of fear but I won’t let that fear clouded my mind. I have all the things that I prayed before.  I’m leaving my dream and I’m thankful for what I have. I prayed to be a blessing. That God is working something for me. And hoping and believing that good things will come. 
And for you.
Don’t allow your fear weakened​ you. You are stronger than what you think. You can cry alone and let the world knows your hurting but rest assured you’re​ not the only one on that kind of situation. A lot have survived and so you are.


The one who cries alone and letting the world knows it’s okay to be weak. As long as you know how to act the next day like your perfectly doing fine and nothing happens tonight. May the Good Lord shower us with his blessings and guidance. 


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