You are a gift. A person who also needs to be nurtured and love. A person who keeps on doing her best to keep up with the world. You’re future is very promising but you still feel like your powerless. That you don’t have a full control of your life. 

You always doing things freely even for saying yes to the things that your not comfortable of doing. You set aside your own needs. And you where even called a simple person with simple needs? 

What is going on?????
Can they hear what they’re talking about?

Do they know your sacrifices?

Do they know how much you invest?

Do they know how much was left for you?

Do they even care?




Let the world see how perfect you are. Your precious. You can do everything for the sake of the people you love. You care deeply. And it’s a blessing and a cursed. You should take a break. Step out from that shadow. What the societies perspective is not your own truth. Be brave and courageous. Stand for your own right. Be happy. Be empowered. Be the person that you want to be with.
You are created with this limitless power. Claimed your spot. You have flaws, yes.  But your capable of creating good things and doing good decision.
Chin up.

Your crown might fall. Your wings might be destroyed​ sometimes but don’t forget you have a claw to fight for what is yours.

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