On September 8, 2018 in Makati Shangrila Hotel from 6PM-10PM, more than 30 CEOs came to attend the “CEOs Blockchain Night” courtesy of Light House Global Holdings Inc. (LHGI).

Danny Lim, CEO of LHGI together with her VP Jem Castro attended the event and discussed the basics and advantage of Blockchain in Real Estate and Properties.

Danny Lim explained; The alignment of interest and expertise gels well as we are combining technology; both sharing economy and blockchain technology, with real estate development. This is totally new and disruptive to the traditional development business model.

Imagine what a developer can do, without buying land and taking loans from banks? We eliminate those obstacles. Now, with our new Platform, developers all over the world no longer needs to buy land and borrow money to develop!

“We hope to change the world of project development, globally. I strongly believe we can and we will. This will greatly benefit all shareholders, both existing and new, and hopefully, spiral LHGI share value to new heights.”

About Lighthouse Global Holdings Inc

Lighthouse Global Holdings Inc. operates as a holdings company. The Company, through its subsidiaries, acquires and focuses on blockchain technology, bitcoin-mining, and project development industries. Lighthouse Global Holdings serves customers worldwide.

More details here http://www.lhgincorp.com

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