Yey! Its a family day. And who says you need to spend more when you go out? Not really for me. Its been a while that I’m not posting personal happenings in my life. The renews it’s membership yesterday and I’m still happy that I was able to share to you how my life was going, is going.

So I’m talking about how to spend less while having fun outside the house. Having 3 kids is not always fun but when I see them happy and healthy, I’m fine with that already.

Heard about Baywalk? It’s a walking distance from home and the adults have the opportunity to exercise and lose some extra pounds as well. When you go out, you need to think of something that all can enjoy without going to the mall. It can be a park, a playground or a nearby area that all can really have a good walk and just talk life. It’s time to unplugged on your phone and just talk and walk. Yes! you need to see different sight and be able to connect with different people.

And here are some of the photos that I hope you can enjoy.

My girls were still in pajamas because they’re still sleepy and we don’t want to annoyed a sleepy babies. And they also have the chance to enjoy the heat of the sun because they have some cough and it’s proven that sunlight in the morning is a good cure.

So there!!!

Hope to talk and read more of your comments below on how you spend your weekend without spending much.

6 thoughts on “Family day |Spending less at Baywalk Roxas boulevard

  1. I will be in-state, and mostly in the local area, until the Christmas-New Year’s period. So, I won’t have to worry about lodging. It looks like the Baywalk is well-appreciated, and your family seems to enjoy it. Have a fine weekend!

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