Were living in the world who expect us more than we can give. In constant battle of belonging and in style. We betrayed ourselves by saying yes even we feel like saying No at all. We feel like we’re on control of our lives when deep inside, there’s a voice whose begging to be heard. That you should give your self a credit. For once, you can truthfully say I did it for me.

Loosen the rope that you hold on tight. It can harm you than good. Do you know why we lose the grip? Because we hold on so tight and for so long, it actually hurts to hang on.

We have lives to be treasured. Your kids may needs you, your husband may demand on you. The boss will yell at you to make your work done but above all these things….

You also needs you.

You whose fighting the battle so long that it feels like your alone.

You who gives all without expecting in return but prayed so hard that one day they will realized your there all the time.

You whose willing to take the rough road to be able to go through.

You who constantly on the go for every challenge in life.

You who only wants to be happy and appreciated.


Yes, You!

Love yourself.

Coz maybe this world needs more than you can GIVE and how it makes you feel so empty. But you know what?

You’re more than You.

You are precious.

And its time you shine like you mean it. Like you really mean it. And maybe the people you care will see you in that shade. In that version. Not the giving one but the precious one.


This year is great.

Dont lose your shine.

The stars looks so bright and wonderful in the most darkest night.

Happy New year everyone!


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