Kamay ni Hesus is one of the most popular religious pilgrimage destination in Lucban, Quezon Province.

It is where the 50ft statue of Ascending Christ located. This shrine is also a healing center where Rev.Fr.Joseph Ayala Faller. Being a religious Catholic country, thousands of people visited the place during holy week season. It’s where miracle masses happens and no wonder this is a sought after pilgrimage in the country. The steep heel to the top were Christ is located is also a challenge but no one cowered to give it a try.

Upon entry you will see this.

But in the right side, you will also see the virgen Mary giant statue. And Jesus Christ on his journey to the cross.

This place is good to repent. To renewed your vow to Jesus or simply to relax and be thankful for everything you have in life.

How to get there:

If your from Manila, it’s a 4 hour drive. Ride a bus going to Lucena, Grand Terminal. The fee will be 248.00. Then from terminal, you need to ride a jeep going to Lucban, Quezon. The fee will be 37.00. Its almost an hour drive. Just tell the driver that you wanted to be in Kamay ni Jesus and they will drop you there.

On Private Car |via South Luzon Expressway ( Via Google).

The easiest way to go to Kamay ni Hesus Shrine by car is to take the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and exit at Calamba. Before you can reach the town of Lucban, you will have to pass through numerous towns in Laguna including Los Baños, Bay, Victoria, Pila, Sta. Cruz, Pagsanjan, Cavinti, and Luisiana. The Shrine is one kilometer away from Lucban town proper.

What to expect?

The weather is crazy in Lucban. You need to be prepared with umbrella and jacket. Because it will be so hot but suddenly strong winds and rain follows. You can also bring food inside. There’s no entrance fee but you can see donation boxes everywhere. So you can give willingly, whatever the desires of your heart will be.

And also you can find the Noahs Arc here.

Families and friends can enjoy here. The kids can play while the adults can have selfies, groupies or simply setting to calm their racing hearts from all the walks that you can get here.

And also I found these rosaries garden here.

Its really nice. The whole place is. Magnificent and Holy. Just make sure you have enough energy before coming here.

So there!

Hope you’ll visit the place soon.

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