Its been a long day for me when I reached the province of Lucban, Quezon. While roaming around Kamay ni Hesus, I also decided to visit this place. At first I was hesitant because the road/ alley going to the resort looks deserted. I even asked the vendor on the street if its really the resort I’m looking for. It’s just in front of Kamay Ni Hesus. You won’t be lost.

The place is so nice. It seems like I’m in Baguio but in my heart I know I’m in Lucban, Quezon.

You will enjoy the scenery. Every corner is Intagramable. It’s close to nature. You can relax and roam around. The staff are so nice.

Upon entry you just need to go to the reception area and tell them if you’re gonna stay for the night or just a day tour.


Day Tour


Weekend/ Holidays : 200.00


Rooms for 2 is 2,000.00 ( the cheapest room)

So it increase depends on what you want. Theres a lot of rooms anyway. So you don’t need to worry.

For umbrella type: Day Tour

It starts on 300.00

I don’t have the whole day to stay because I need to go back to the metro right away.

But look what I’ve got….

Just be reminded though, the water is so cold. I don’t have the courage to swim to the pool since I need to back right away. And catching cold is not a good idea if I have a long ride, back to Manila.

So this place is good if you decided to stay overnight. In that way you won’t be very tired or get sick going back home. BUT if you’re from Quezon or nearby then go!

Jump to that pool and laugh your heart out. It’s good to have a cold bath especially if your mind is drowning you into something you don’t want to remember. Numbing your heart to this pool will be a good idea then. (Ops! I can read some sentiments here, lol!).

Speaking of the pool.

Here it is….

And also, I’m kinda curious why called it called Batis ng Aramin or Creek of Aramis.

The answer to that is this….

Its the creek over there..

How to get there?

Ride a bus going to Lucena, Grand terminal. It will cost you 248.00 and the drive will be 4 hours. When you reached the terminal you will ride another jeep going to Lucban, Quezon. The fare will be 37.00. Less than one hour you will reached to Kamay Ni Hesus. Just informed the driver to drop you there and just in front on it, you will find the resort.

There you go.

Don’t forget to plan before going here.


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