Like the flowers, we plant and nourished it yet it was never ours to begin with. We Cant own something that has life and can grow. We can’t dectate them to grow fast and never dies. Just like love. We can’t assumed that it will be given back to us.

Reality checked.

When someone love us truly, there should be no giving back unless the feeling is mutual. Like parents love to there children, we give everything and hope thats enough to keep their lives fine. So they can soar high and see the beauty of the sky and if ever they comes back, we’re still here to welcome them and give the best of everything in life.

Being a mother, it scared me sometimes whenever the thought of growing up comes in mind. When they choose their own path and have their own family as well. See? That won’t be happening soon yet it scared me.


We need to enjoy our present. The time that we can hug and kiss them. The time that we’re the one they need the most. This moment we should treasured. It’s kinda hard to believe it but part of being a parent is to allow our kids to grow up and let them live the life they wanted to pursue even if it will break our heart in the process.

Yes, I wanted them to have their childhood. For them to be carefree and have no worries in the world. Its my responsibility to allow them to see the beauty of life before they enter the scary world of adulthood.

Life is how we make it and its really up to us what were going to choose in the process. So be brave. The things that your scared the most as a parent only proves how you love your children.


Your kids will be doing okay.

You will be fine.

And life starts another one today.

Let’s make it memorable.

– Lothy

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