Its when you make her feel less important. That going out with her is just a waste of time. You don’t look at her like before and it’s killing her. She’s doing everything she can to cope up with you but you’re too busy with your own needs and insecurities.

Its when you keep on adding “girl friends” on social media but never posted her on your account. It’s when you always reminded her how ugly and incaple she is to you.

Its when you don’t noticed her sad eyes looking at you.

Its when she keeps her sanity on check and you keep on going her crazy.

Man! Don’t do it. She may be just a partner or a girlfriend to you. But she’s like salt. You can’t realized its presence until your food became tasteless.

Treasured your woman.

She did everything for you. From your food to your laundry, up to your mess. Make her feel loved and priceless. Make her your queen. Create your empire with her. She can be your best asset and you don’t want her to be on the other side.

So this coming valentines day.

Make your woman happy.

Create happy memories with her. Love her as much as you can. As much as you do.

Remember why you choose her at the first place.


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