Happiness should be shared and sorrow should be hidden in the deepest ocean floor. Where the unknown lives and depths were unmeasureable.

You see? Life should be treated with care and gratefulness but human like us were capable of making a thousand ways to make it so damn hard.

We like to create miseries that we only know exists. Such a shame! It makes us paranoid and even makes us fragile from stress and worries. We can’t do well at all because we fear of what will happen next instead of living life today.

So who cares if this will be our last day? If we spend it on how we should like to spend our life.

Who cares??

We Do. The same reason why we can’t be totally grateful of what we have today.

If only we know how to live today. To cast all the troubles of tomorrow and to forget the mistakes of the past. Just forget the feeling on it but the lessons should be remembered.

A lot happened this past few months. Sudden deaths, fire and recently constant earthquake.

It makes me trimbled in fear.

I can’t slept. What will happen next? I don’t know how to feel and think. Sleeping at night is so hard. I can’t trust my heart and my own mind for the kind fears they kept on nagging at my head.

You see? I’m very imaginative. And sometimes it leads to troubles than good.

I’m living with what if I can’t see my children again? What if the earthquake will hit as hard? What if someone I care will die?

Full of what if.

I can’t live with that.

So every night I prayed hard.

I pray for everyones safety.

I care more.

I’ve become more grateful than yesterday.

Simple things matters to me.

Even when my husband arrives at home after work makes my heart so happy.

Seeing my kids safe makes me feel I’m doing the best job of my life.

Knowing my family back home were safe from danger makes me happy.

Simple things that I took for granted before makes me so happy now.

So I hope from the bottom of my heart, you see that kind of happiness too.

The kind that can’t be bought with money and titles.

The kind that makes you at peace at night.

And I hope everyone is doing fine as well.

Let’s be grateful. Let’s make it habit.

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