As a mother of three, whose age gap was a almost a year only. I felt like I have triplets running around the house. The patience is always at the edge. Kids can be so lovable and so devious most of the times. I’m not even exaggerating here. Parents like me knows how it feels.

So when I feel like I’m turning into a beast, I back off. I allow them to cry and do what they wanted to do so I can breath. Literally breath. I don’t want to be a nagging mother and a wife. Yes! Being a wife is also a different story. They’re times when the husband doesn’t care too much. Not reasonable and just plain annoying.

I’m very aware where my thoughts are leading me. So what I did most of the times is just taking a bath just to cool down.

Who knows taking a bath could be a relief? Yes. When I’m not liking my thoughts I stay away from them.

What I remind myself during those kind of situation?

  1. Im my own person, I’m responsible of my own happiness.
  2. My children were just exploring. They needed to be kids to be an adult.
  3. My husband is my partner not my source of happiness. We compliment each other. My self worth is made by me. I am capable of making choices.
  4. My mind and heart were like a fertile soil. Whatever seed I put on it will become a tree. So I’m choosing a strong, fruitful and positive tree of knowledge. A tree that can be my source of strength everyday. Not the other way around.
  5. Always be thankful. Your breathing and that’s enough reason to be happy.
  6. My inner peace won’t come from the outer source. It comes from within.
  7. Your too young to be a menopausal woman. 😉

I know there’s a lot of reasons to be mad but just look around. You will find your reasons not too.

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