I seldom got confused of what life should be. I have a lot of doubts and uncertainty. Being a mother means a lot of responsibility. I fear that I will failed on this field. But you know what? My children taught me to live life day by day. That there is nothing to fear and keep on moving forward. That being Happy is like eating breakfast with them. Seeing them play and have quarrels and make up again. It warms my heart.

My definition of life were complicated. Like I will be happy if my goal were met or life should be something like this and that, its conditional. And that sucks a lot.

My children brought back the curious and happy child on me. The one who doesn’t care what happen tomorrow as long as I can have my food and I was able to play after. See? Life should be happier than our mind. We always created our own world when in fact we have our world already. All we need is to live.

We don’t know what lies ahead but we have today to enjoy. Today is the day to be happy. We can’t wait for years to be grateful.

We have the chance today.

Make used of it.

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