No one is prepared to be a mother. There’s no school where you can get a diploma on it. Everyday is a struggle. It’s hard to keep up with the little one. They’re energy are so high and there imagination is so wild.

So how did I make it everyday?

Here are some tips that may help you.

  1. Allow them to be children. Let them play. If they want to jump from the window of your room to the floor, then put the mattress on the floor so they won’t be hurt.
  2. Stop saying No all the time. Instead tell them ” I’m listening kiddo, what’s your plan?”. So you know how to keep them safe from they’re exploration.
  3. Listen to what they’re saying. They’re like our favourite music, tend to be repeating they’re selves throughout the day.
  4. Kneel down if you’re talking to them. Giant people intimidate them. Make them feel that little humans have the same power with the giant one. You know what I mean. 😉
  5. Shower them with love and security. That no matter what they’re choices in life you will support them.
  6. Allow them to grow. Stop telling them what to do with there lives. It’s their lives Mamas.
  7. Exposed them to different environments. There is learning everywhere. You can learn a lot too.
  8. Be open minded. You’re mindset is different with your children. You need to cope up with them.
  9. Apologize if you lose your cool with them. Explain why you went angry. You will be amazed how forgiving they are.
  10. Give them plenty of hugs and kisses. It will make your children happy and you as well. Laugh with them. Play with them. The world should be a happy place . Give them the privilege to be the happy children in your house.

There you go. I know its hard but we parents should learned to adjust from our children. Don’t forget we’re different individuals and your kids were one of them. Differences is beautiful if we look at them in a brighter side.

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