We all know that children keeps on repeating themselves. Sometimes it becomes annoying than fun.

But why are they keep on repeating it?

Because they wanted our full attention when they talk. They don’t like the repetitive answer. Parents, our children is far more important than you gossiping on social media. Why don’t you just put your phone down and talk to your kids like they are the most fascinating creature on the earth. Your kids will truly appreciate it and you will learn more from that conversation. Trust me, I learn a lot everyday. Sometimes I doubt if they’re just old souls trapped on a kids body.

In this world were social media keeps on updating us to everyone around the globe, dont allow your children to feel alone and neglected. I strongly recommend that you play with them. Be the parents they deserved to have.

Also, don’t be afraid to discipline your children. Train them how to be respectful and that bad behaviour won’t do them good.

If they’ll throw a tantrum just to get what they want, then allow them to cry. And when they cool down talk to them and explain why they can’t get what they wanted. Kids now a days are so intelligent. They can understand you but will test your patience on how far you can go.

There you go.

Nothing is simple in this parenting and loving journey of a parent and a child but nothing is impossible. Allow yourself to be firm when needed but always loves them no matter what.

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