We always have that skeleton in our closet that we don’t want to exposed. It’s either a toxic relationship or the disappointments that we can’t get rid of. Whatever it is, we’re scared of showing it to the outside world.

Let’s make it clear. That is not the story here.

I’m talking about the dreams that we keep on dreaming. The fairy land that our parents outgrow. The candy land and the chocolate fields that so tempting not to talk about. Yes! We still have that on us. There is a magic in imagination. It makes us think outside the box. The reason why Google was made. The reason why technology become so high and people become so low. The bad and the good. The reason why everything become possible to make.

Imagination. Dreams. Courage. Hardwork. Commitment.

Yes. Behind closed door were the struggle that each of us suffer yet make us more stronger and wiser. Not everything is up for display but we’re getting there.

Be strong. Be creative. Widen your limits and tap that curious child in you.

You will be surprised what’s behind that closed door for you.

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