Most of us may wonder, where is my hard earned money go? The year will end soon but my savings didn’t grow up.

Here are some tips that may help you.

  1. List all your expenses in a day. I mean it ALL. Every single penny counts.
  2. Write all the necessary needs when going to groceries. Just buy what’s needed and not what’s in SALE.
  3. Cook your own food.
  4. If you don’t have the money at your wallet then don’t used your credit card when buying things that you want.
  5. Pay everything in cash. In that way you feel every single cents that was taken out from you. You’ll be amazed how you can control your spending.
  6. Set a financial goal. If you wanted to buy something then think how you can afford it without breaking your savings account.
  7. Don’t be a one day millionaire. You need to eat the next day so be careful how to spend your salary.
  8. Ever heard an envelope method? When you get your salary put the designated money on it. For instance, you can write; Food, rent, gasoline, electricity & water bill, savings and so on. Depends on your basic needs in life. So if nothings left then you need to think how to earned more if you want something.
  9. Stay at home during weekends. Clean your house and grow plants. You’ll save more by doing so.
  10. Educate yourself more. Spend more on your growth instead of pleasing other people. You don’t need tons of shoes and bags and you don’t have money on your savings account.

There you go! Hope you’ll learn something from these. It’s not easy. A lot of temptation nearby. Delayed gratification will bring you so much joy and peace at night.

Keep going. Be mindful on spending.

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