Its always important to spend less than what you’ve earned. In a daily basis you need to budget everything. In our own household I’m the one managing the expenses. It’s very important that you know where you put all your money. These things helps me out.

  1. I don’t put extra money in my wallet. I only put our allowance and thats it.
  2. No sudden purchases. Even if its on sale. I only buy what’s needed and if its on sale then good but if not I’ll stick with our needs.
  3. I don’t buy duplicates. Meaning I don’t have 2 scissors, 2 combs and so on. It will take space and money. So I only have one on everything I need.
  4. I encouraged my kids to drink more water. No juices and carbonated drinks.
  5. I allow them to buy what they need with money. I have 4 years old and 2 years old twin. My mother in law has a convenient store that have lots of candies and stuff that kids do want. They know that if they don’t have money then they should stop asking. They need to clean their mess and toys before they can get what they want. I’m teaching them to work before they can get what they want. And yes, it works.
  6. I have a list of everything that we spend in a month so I know how much we’re spending and what needs to cut off to save more.
  7. Delayed gratification is the key. We need to work hard for us to buy what we want.

8. I have financial goals. And listing it on a piece of paper or notebook do wonders. I always keep an eye if we’re close enough to our goals. It motivates me.

So yes! We all have the same day in a week. Let’s be productive in finding ways how to make our lives easier. Don’t allow the society to tell you where your money should go. Live within your means. Save more and spend less. The pay-off will be better soon. It will be.

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