Let me tell you my story.
A long, long time ago i loved collecting things.

I love shoes, dress and bags.

I even remember having 45 pair of shoes excluding the sandals.
My cabinet were full of outfit that keeps on reminding me I don’t have anything to wear in a day.


Then I realized one day, I don’t need a lot. Few clothes were fine.

My mentality about accumulating things were changed forever.

I haven’t bought a shoes for almost 6 years now. I don’t even bought clothes for the last 4 years.

My husband did bought some for me and thats it.

What I have is enough for me to last a lifetime.

I give away almost all the clothes that I have. I keep on decluttering my things. If I haven’t wear a certain clothes for a long time then I don’t need it.

I focus on what’s essential for me and what’s important to my family. I don’t buy things that doesn’t make me happy. If its just sitting on a shelf that keeps on collecting dust then my money was just wasted on that item.

Every time I thought on buying something I always ask myself if its really needed and useful. And how would I recycle or disposed it in the future. If the process is tiring then I let it go.

I don’t own a lot and it’s tiring really to keep on buying things and cleaning it afterwards. The kids were enough for me to look after. I don’t clean the whole day. I hate seeing a messy floor and toys scattering everywhere. So when the kids have enough toys I give away the old ones to some kids to enjoy.

Its the mindset of having enough makes me thankful. I save more this way. I focus on Wellness..i focus on spending time with my kids. I focus on cooking healthy meal to my husband. I encouraged the family to save and be happy for what we have.

Experience is more important. Material things can break down and lost but the memories doesn’t.

So this is the reason why i started my journey as a minimalist.

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