You’ve bought me a broken gun, Mama.

Let’s talks about the things that we have. Are you just keeping it for the sake that you’ve spend your money on it or is it really needed?

Are you going to keep it in your life for entitlement or its been the source of your joy lately?

Whether it’s an object or people that youve paid for. You should be more conscious of what your paying.

The carpet looks so fabulous but I don’t have the time to clean it all the time with kids around.

Would it be worth it?

Nah! I’ll pass.

The salon nearby offers discount for a beauty make over but it will be done whole day and the result wouldn’t be guaranteed good since its new, so would I go in there?

Nah! I’ll pass. My patience in staying in a salon for an hour pisses me off what more for a whole day?

The list can go on.

We can spend our money to whatever we want. Subscriptions that needed to be paid. Yeah! I just paid my domain anyway. I’m the one who think of this domain and I’ll be paying just to keep it for another year.

( Masyado sila ha? Lahat na lang babayaran eh yong mga nasayang nga na araw na di ako nakapag sulat dito Di nga binawas eh! Hahaha!)

Then let’s talk about the people that we dealt with everyday. Sometimes we paid a lot for dealing with them. Our life becomes miserable and unforgiving. The feeling becomes toxic and it makes me frustrate so I cut the ties with them. Meaning to say the interactions becomes seldom and avoid it as much as I can.

I’m productive with my time. And thinking what I do with them could be time consuming so I just let it go. They’re all grown up and capable of making things for themselves.

So what else did you paid for that make you say…

Whatever! It’s been paid so be it.

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