My love for you will never fade. Your my hero, friend, father, wrapped together into one.

When I think about you, I think about love. You never told me how to live life but you let me watched you how to live and to treasured life.

Everytime I remember you, I felt the sting in my heart that can’t be removed. I was brokenhearted beyond repair.

But your smile……

Awwh! It brightens my day. Your silly joke still cracks me to core. Your loving hand still nourishes my broken soul. Death can’t be an end for my love for you.

You always have the piece of my heart that no one can replace. And now i feel blessed for the time that we’re together. Those Happy times relieves happy memories of you and me.

And today is another birthday that we can’t be with you. But I know love triumph over death so I know your always beside us.

I love you, Papa Bugoy.

Happy birthday!

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