Growing up, mom was never around. She’s busy doing a living. Life was hard. I thought she doesn’t have time for us. She taught us how to sell foods. And trust me as a shy little girl, it pisses me off to death. My mind can’t process the way of her living.

In my mind, Mom has never had time for us. And when she does, she let us do the things that were not comfortable doing. Then when Papa passed away life becomes more harder for her. I can see a broken shell trying to act like it’s intact. I feel ashamed to myself. This is the woman who was never around because she wanted us to be better in life. The woman who keeps on helping other people in hope that it will heal her own broken soul.

My Mama. My great believer. The person who always believes I’m still her little girl who needs protecting. The woman who lectures me on how I dress. How I should be better in whatever I do. My mom has every flaws in life but she’s not as bad.

She taught me what to do and show me what not. Yes. People may hate her but in my heart my Mom is the only person who will never abandoned me in whatever the circumstances im in. I just hope she will find the courage to love herself more. To be more centered. And I’m hoping that the Good Lord will bless her more.

Yes. I’m praying you’ll get whatever your hearts desire. I love you, Mama.

Happy birthday!!! 💋💋💋💋

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