Everyday we always have a version of ourselves that we keep on fighting for. It can be the artistic side of you, the singer inside of you, the designer and so on….

We were stuck up and we keep on accumulating things that we love so much but doesn’t add value to your current living.

For instance, a friend of mine is a frustrated fashion designer. She keeps on buying fabrics and creating designs and a lot of stuff that was setting on her room and taking up space but doesn’t do her good. And most of us do. We keep on having things that takes up space but doesn’t do us good.

It consumes us more than we consume them. As a mother I keep the house tidy and organised. And you know what my kids keeps on asking me?

What your doing, Mama?

Me: Cleaning baby.

And then after few minutes, another kid will ask me.

What your doing, Mama?

Me: Cleaning baby.

And then afterwards another kid will ask me.

What your doing Mama?

Gosh! What I’m doing, really?

I almost spend the whole day cleaning and cooking and cleaning and my kids were there playing with themselves. I’m supposed to be with them. Playing around. So I decided to let go of my habit of being a good cleaner and let go a lot of things that keeps me busy and away from my kids. We can have few toys and few clothes and less stuff.

Less stuff.

Less stuff that makes me have time with my kids more. At early age I always tell my kids that we can keep the memories but we can let go the burden of accumulating stuff that keeps us busy. A tidy home means less stuff and functional things should always be there. We can’t allow ourselves to be more attached to things because of memories.

We can always have the memories. We can still be a frustrated doctor, singer, designer, architect, philosophers and so on minus the things that attached to it.

Let’s be practical and realistic.

Let’s enjoy life. Let’s be playful.

Be clutter free.

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