I love buying things. It gives me a satisfying effect and self worth that I did deserve to have this and that.

I even ended having 2 cabinets of clothes that still makes me feel I don’t have a clothes to wear in a day. Can you imagine that?

But then I got so tired of keeping things and questioned myself…

Do I really need this?

Nah! I don’t want this things to own me at all. I decluttered my cabinet. Ended atleast 30 clothes and a couple of shorts as a daily wear. Yes! Even my husband tells me. Nah! You cant do that. I used to love clothes so much and fast fashion and shoes and bags and make ups. Just a girly thing. I thought I’ve been a frugal person before but considering the things that own. Well, I’m absolutely far from being frugal.

I have a savings account that can’t last me a year. I have 3 kids now and being mom changed the woman in me. So what I did?

  1. I’ve become intentional on what I’m buying.
  2. I don’t buy things to empress people I don’t like.
  3. I don’t spend my money that won’t give me financial stability.
  4. I keep track on my spendings.
  5. Sale doesn’t empress me anymore.

So yeah! Things don’t rule my life anymore.

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