1. Creating connections you know won’t last.
  2. Being unfair to yourself.
  3. Expecting someone to love you no matter what.
  4. Attaching people to things like this cup is from my grandmother. I should keep it. Please that cup is not her. Keep the memories and let go the stuff.
  5. Thinking you are above from everyone else.
  6. Assuming you have the rest of eternity to do the things that you wanted so you keep on doing the things you hate the most.
  7. Poor choice of food. You are what you eat so please be mindful.
  8. Not exercising at all.
  9. Not living in the moment.
  10. You keep on giving meaning to everything that has done to you. Please, don’t be a dictionary.

Just do what makes you happy and forget everything I mentioned above. 😁😁😁

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