Life is how we make a dark and cold night into a relaxing one.


Do you know whose the most scary person?

It’s the one who makes hell feel like home.

In our society whose cruelty is very normal, it’s so hard to keep it intact. And I admire those who keeps going even its so hard to keep it up.

I hope This season allows us to recharged again. To be with our family and friends and to all the people that makes us humble and smile. Who makes us not to look at our phone and just have a real conversation.

Lets reconnect. Allow US to be human again. Let our guard down and enjoy the moment.

The humbled birth of Jesus Christ is the perfect example of a simple living. There is happiness in being contented. Allow your faith to bring you to the sacred place called serenity.

We’ve made it this far my friends. The future that you’re uncertain about is today and we’re doing just fine.

Don’t look back into the past that makes you scared of what’s ahead.

I know your perfect, courageous and smart in your own way.

So let’s celebrate this holidays with a happy heart.

Cheers for more blessings to come! 🍷🍷🍷

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