Getting old is a previlege not everyone can experience, fear not. When we still have our chance to wake up, be thankful. Don’t bothered about grey hair, wrinkled skin and fine lines. Your body is adopting and you can aged gracefully. A grateful heart is a happy heart. Don’t let the negativity of the people around you makes you unhappy.

Nurture your body and your soul. Create a world that everyone wants to be part of it.. A home where love and humility rule. A place where everyone supports each other and love unconditionally.

Forget about what the commercials tells you what you should do on your golden days. Live a meaningful life. God is near and you should not be afraid because no one in this world can go out alive.

Its just a matter of when and how but we all can’t stay long in this world. Make your life a happy life. The Lord will bless the people who obeys him. If God touches your heart today don’t harden your heart.

His offering an internal life. A life that only God can offer.

I hope before this year may end, each and everyone of you were happy and courageous.

Age is just a number and loneliness is just a state of mind.

Go out. A lot of people loves you.

Happy New year everyone!

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