The most intimate feeling in the truest form is when your hurting and you only focus on yourself while bleeding inside. It’s like your seeing your life in every aspect of it and you can see the cracks and damages and you feel like it’s okay to be damaged than to be stupid and blind.

That sounds so deep but yes.

Once in awhile keep an eye to yourself. Check where it hurts and find the cure. Don’t find it somewhere else. You are capable to do anything to whatever extent to other people so why not do it to yourself?

I hope your eyes sparkle a bit and you smile while reading it.

Don’t be afraid to acknowledge your pain so you know what your strengths are. Don’t be afraid to show your flaws so you know how imperfect and true you are. NO ONE IS PERFECT yet you keep on chasing perfection.

Maybe we should go back to basic. Love yourself. Do good and be a good citizen. Differences were beautiful. War starts when we want to be right all the time.

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