ZOOCOBIA: LOVE IS IN THE AIR                                                                       “PUZOOAN MO AKO!”

  Soar high with the feeling in our romantic pre-valentine event, Zoocobia’s “LOVE IS IN THE AIR” with this year’s theme “PUZOOAN MO AKO!” on February 10, 2018, in Zoocobia Fun Zoo, Clark, Pampanga. Find your HappyNest and experience the amazing activities, attractions, adventures and surprises that we prepared in celebration of the season of... Continue Reading →

How to survive adulthood

Being an adult means responsive- able to everything. Meaning to say from your emotions up to your finances, your in full charge. It's really hard to deal it day by day. Growing up we look forward to be an adult one day. To be free from all the rules made by our parents and guardians.... Continue Reading →

Budgeting 101

Hello fellas!  I hope all of you started your year with the most passionate heart to reach your dream.  Cause I'm also doing the same.  So today I'll talk about my realization this month. Last week Lexi got fever for 40° Celsius and it doesn't go down for almost a day. She got chills and... Continue Reading →


How nice it is, seeing our calamansi is  flowering. It reminds me of how life should be.  It needs to be nurtured to be nourished. It needs enough sunshine and water to be fruitful. And also we need to remember that our body is undestractable until you disregard your own health. Happy Sunday everyone!!!!

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