The sadness within…

I've become sad whenever I read or watch something depressing. So I filtered my account to shield my eyes for such thing. I even stop watching dramatic movies. I don't like more dramas in my life. My imagination is very creative and it will entertained me for a long time. When you lose a lot... Continue Reading →

Zoomanity Group supports the Malaysia Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines in promoting partnerships between two countries

Left to right. Tan Yu III (The E Hotel, President), Robert Laurel Yupangco (Zoomanity Group, CEO), USEC Macatoman (DTI), Ambassador Rizany Irwan (Malaysia), Edward Ling (MCCI, President), Henry Lim Bon Liong (Sterling Paper, CEO), Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas (Business Consultant and Co- Founder, Tag Media Group), Dr. Elton See Tan (The E Hotels, Chairman) and... Continue Reading →

You are you…

Your not your parents child. Your not your students teacher. Your not your employer, employees. You are you. You didn't broke your wings by falling. You dig from hell to survive. So you are you. Stop acting someone owns you. Live your life. Life is not about branding nor ownership. Its about living.

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