Why I choose chicco?

 I've heard this product a couple of time but I'm very religious to the brand that were using. As a mom, we just simply want the best for our kids. My kids are very active human beings though. I can't cope up most of the times. Hahaha! yeah. That's super true. So what can I... Continue Reading →

Troubled words…

Is it so hard to tell what you really feel or holding back the words that's intently real? I'm actually one of those person whose very transparent with what I feel. I don't like pretentions or sugar coating a tamarind. I know how to hold back my thoughts but once it's open, I won't make... Continue Reading →

Zoobic “Night” Safari 2018

It’s Zooper Zummer once again and of course, we are launching the only theme park activity at night which received a nice raved from the patrons.  Stay awake, hear your heartbeat pounding, blood in your veins rushing as the rising excitement heightened in the night’s summer breeze. Zoobic Safari brings back the much awaited β€œNight... Continue Reading →

Happy International Women’s Day!

 For all the women who stands for what she think is right. For the person who continues to inspire,work and help for all her might. I wanted to congratulate you for the job well done.  πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ This is the time to remind you, that you're capable of everything. We're unstoppable. We're courageous. We're beautiful and... Continue Reading →

Torres Farm and Resort

My dream destination is Santorini, Greece.  I fall in love with their structure and how it represents for  God and Goddess. It's like living the life that I always imagine. So when I heard about this resort, I cant help but to feel excited. Imagine, what you keep in mind, that's what your attracting too.... Continue Reading →

What’s with Goodbye?

  Goodbye, farewell and we'll see each other again were the same thing. They have the same denominator, I don't like it.  I admit I don't like to watch sad movies and shows because my tears were shallow. I hate seeing people go and watch them suffer. No one deserves to be miserable. I don't... Continue Reading →

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