Shouting out to My not so confident self…

Walking away from all the drama.

Are you someone who keeps on complaining and venting on how life is unfair and cruel? That you can’t succeed in life and you are hopeless. Terribly, hopeless.

You don’t have what it gets to be on top of your game. You are not someone you knew, whose perfect and strong and versatile.

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Save the comparison to someone else. Stop the unhealthy habit of thinking your not worth it. It doesn’t mean you failed, you can’t do it. You just make a different route and you can still make it right. You should love yourself above all things.

You are lovable.

You are strong.

You are careless.

You are limitless.

You are unbreakable.

Life didn’t break you. It only bend you and mold you into someone you never knew you could be. DON’T sabotage your own success.

Today, tell yourself:

I can do it.

I won’t fucked this up.

I can commit mistake but who isn’t?

This is the best day ever.

Self talk| Being happy

Today tell yourself:

You look good today! Your healthy and good things are coming your way. All the blessings and opportunities will come on your way and you’re ready for it.

Yes! Stop all the negative thoughts on your head. Don’t let it be a reality by saying it out loud. Do yourself a favor. Have trust on yourself. Have faith that can’t be move. Think of it like a weather. When it’s cold, you’ll be able to wear your jacket and heavy blankets that wasn’t used for a while and when it’s summer it’s time to wear the sunglasses and be tanned all over. What I’m trying to say is, enjoy every chapter of your lives. We always have a back – up on our closet and you also have it in your lives.

Speak good things to yourself and the good Lord and the Universe will bless you with unexpected blessings that you’re not capable of dreaming.

So get up. Have your tea or coffee and enjoy this day with a happy heart and a positive thoughts on your mind.

Why am I listening to my kids? |A good talk

We all know that children keeps on repeating themselves. Sometimes it becomes annoying than fun.

But why are they keep on repeating it?

Because they wanted our full attention when they talk. They don’t like the repetitive answer. Parents, our children is far more important than you gossiping on social media. Why don’t you just put your phone down and talk to your kids like they are the most fascinating creature on the earth. Your kids will truly appreciate it and you will learn more from that conversation. Trust me, I learn a lot everyday. Sometimes I doubt if they’re just old souls trapped on a kids body.

In this world were social media keeps on updating us to everyone around the globe, dont allow your children to feel alone and neglected. I strongly recommend that you play with them. Be the parents they deserved to have.

Also, don’t be afraid to discipline your children. Train them how to be respectful and that bad behaviour won’t do them good.

If they’ll throw a tantrum just to get what they want, then allow them to cry. And when they cool down talk to them and explain why they can’t get what they wanted. Kids now a days are so intelligent. They can understand you but will test your patience on how far you can go.

There you go.

Nothing is simple in this parenting and loving journey of a parent and a child but nothing is impossible. Allow yourself to be firm when needed but always loves them no matter what.

The unprepared Mom |connecting boundaries

No one is prepared to be a mother. There’s no school where you can get a diploma on it. Everyday is a struggle. It’s hard to keep up with the little one. They’re energy are so high and there imagination is so wild.

So how did I make it everyday?

Here are some tips that may help you.

  1. Allow them to be children. Let them play. If they want to jump from the window of your room to the floor, then put the mattress on the floor so they won’t be hurt.
  2. Stop saying No all the time. Instead tell them ” I’m listening kiddo, what’s your plan?”. So you know how to keep them safe from they’re exploration.
  3. Listen to what they’re saying. They’re like our favourite music, tend to be repeating they’re selves throughout the day.
  4. Kneel down if you’re talking to them. Giant people intimidate them. Make them feel that little humans have the same power with the giant one. You know what I mean. 😉
  5. Shower them with love and security. That no matter what they’re choices in life you will support them.
  6. Allow them to grow. Stop telling them what to do with there lives. It’s their lives Mamas.
  7. Exposed them to different environments. There is learning everywhere. You can learn a lot too.
  8. Be open minded. You’re mindset is different with your children. You need to cope up with them.
  9. Apologize if you lose your cool with them. Explain why you went angry. You will be amazed how forgiving they are.
  10. Give them plenty of hugs and kisses. It will make your children happy and you as well. Laugh with them. Play with them. The world should be a happy place . Give them the privilege to be the happy children in your house.

There you go. I know its hard but we parents should learned to adjust from our children. Don’t forget we’re different individuals and your kids were one of them. Differences is beautiful if we look at them in a brighter side.

Why we feel alone and hurt?

We are hurt because we expect too much. We want a story that doesn’t belong to us. We want to conquer a fear that doesn’t exist. We keep on creating problems in our head that no one can solve.

But why?

Close your eyes. Examine yourself. Are you healthy? Can you feel your heart beating?Can you move? Can you call your family? Do you have food on your table? Do you have a roof over your head?

Do you even have a savings account?

Does somebody care about you? Do you know anyone who will be sad if your gone?

If you’ve got a YES to any of it, then you should not be hurt and felt alone everytime.

Someone cares for you. Celebrate your pain, your victory and your downfall. There is a beauty in every season of our lives. It strengthen us. It keeps on reminding us we’re human. Capable to be happy and to be sad.

Sometimes you might be hurt and thats okay. You’re not as fragile as you think you are. Take good care of your health. It may sound cliche but when your healthy your capable of doing a lot of things to be happy. Be free. Learn to let go of the things that keeps on hurting you and welcome new opportunity in your life.

Get up!!!!

You are strong. You can be happy. You can be whatever you want to be. Have faith as high as Mount Everest.

Because even the highest summit can be possible if we keep on moving and stop on complaining. Make your own master plan today.

And you know what will be the good title of it?

The blueprint to be happy.

How my children becomes my teacher

I seldom got confused of what life should be. I have a lot of doubts and uncertainty. Being a mother means a lot of responsibility. I fear that I will failed on this field. But you know what? My children taught me to live life day by day. That there is nothing to fear and keep on moving forward. That being Happy is like eating breakfast with them. Seeing them play and have quarrels and make up again. It warms my heart.

My definition of life were complicated. Like I will be happy if my goal were met or life should be something like this and that, its conditional. And that sucks a lot.

My children brought back the curious and happy child on me. The one who doesn’t care what happen tomorrow as long as I can have my food and I was able to play after. See? Life should be happier than our mind. We always created our own world when in fact we have our world already. All we need is to live.

We don’t know what lies ahead but we have today to enjoy. Today is the day to be happy. We can’t wait for years to be grateful.

We have the chance today.

Make used of it.

Zoomanity Group and Yupangco Music Academy for The Manila Times Round Table

July 24, 2019 at The Manila Times Studio with the live Round Table discussion with The Manila Time’s President and CEO Dante “Klink” Ang II with discussions about the Philippine music industry, Zoomanity Group and Yupangco Music Academy came as guests and we’re represented by Karren Cernal and Nedge Abrasia. Other guests includes Tag Media Group COO Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas, Musical Director Adonis Tabanda and Singer Lei Bautista Lo From Prettier Than Pink with hit single “Cool Ka Lang.”

President Klink just launched Dwelo: Battle of the best Filipino artists. It’s Battle of the Bands with original composition.

The “Dwelo! Battle for the best Filipino artists” is to look for the best and talented Filipino performers and artists and to highlight the determination, grit, sacrifices, professionalism and cooperation of the group to achieve success.

According to the President & CEO of The Manila Times, “Were looking for the best music, an original composition to highlight our local talents and to give them a platform to showcase their authenticity and love for music. It’s not easy to be in the band, it needs cooperation of each and everyone and their own passion to complement the skills and talent. The member must have that fire. We, at The Manila Times loves to help and that’s why with Tag Media Group, we have Dwelo.”

Tag Media Group is the producer of Aliw at 40 Concert, Asia’s Best Singing Competition and one of the biggest event organisers in the Philippines with Asia Leaders Awards and Asia Leaders Forums as their signature events. Tag Media Group will implement and direct Dwelo.

Winners will receive the following; cash prices, a recording contract, exposure to events & concerts and their very own single.

Yupangco Music Academy formerly Yamaha School of Music is a training institution that provides a unique and exciting school environment for young musicians and creative music lovers with a vision to be the leader in the industry and committed to provide world-class products and services to customers, as well as maintaining high standards of professionalism in management.

Dwelo will be a weekly online show started last July this year but already accepting registrants to audition. To know more about the show, contact 09778978877 / 02 2193503 or Check the Dwelo Facebook fan page.