Jake Zyrus Captivated Filipino fans in Europe

Just recently, the award winning performer and singer Jake Zyrus concluded his Europe Tour, visiting different places and events for the Filipino communities with the support from his fans and admirers from  FilMo UK, Filipino British Services of Newcastle Upon Tyne (FilBrit) and all the Jakesters all around United Kingdom.  Jake visited the following places... Continue Reading →

I’m done!

I'm done thinking of the opinion of others. I'm done doing things for them while I felt empty from within. I'm done saying good things for them to be happy. I'm done being a pleaser. I'm done forgiving everyone else while I'm so hard on myself. I'm done being frustrated. I'm done on entertaining negative... Continue Reading →

Jake Zyrus at Asia Leaders Awards 2018

Jake Zyrus achievements are enough to make him as one of the leaders. Meet Jake Zyrus as part of the Awards Committee.   Here’s some snippets on what’s written about him online.  “Zyrus released the studio album Charice in 2010; it entered the Billboard 200 at number eight, making it the first album of an... Continue Reading →

Perfectly flawed…

You are a gift. A person who also needs to be nurtured and love. A person who keeps on doing her best to keep up with the world. You're future is very promising but you still feel like your powerless. That you don't have a full control of your life.  You.Are.Helpless.  You always doing things... Continue Reading →

To my greatest fear…

Im afraid to be left behind. Whenever someone tells me if they're going to die, will you do this and that? It really made me sad. How come this people talk something like that? Like dying is like attending a ceremony the next day? Why are they so selfish in inflicting pain? How will I... Continue Reading →

Happy Father’s Day

To everyone who stands and provide good life to their family, I salute you! It's not everyday that were given the chance to celebrate this day. So don't forget to say thank you to the man who keeps the good work at home. And also I wanted to say A happy Father's Day to my... Continue Reading →

Take me back

I will always go back to the time that the world seems so vibrant and blue. Where Dreaming about a fairytale stories was an exciting journey. When I think about a dragonfly, I thought they were the messenger of the fairies and the spy of the villains. You see? my childhood is so simple. And... Continue Reading →

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