Yupangco Group and Ayala Partnership

May 27, 2019– Yupangco Group of Companies signed a contract with Ayala Group for almost 2000 square meters area at the Ayala Mall Bay Area along Macapagal in their more than 200,000 square meters development.

Present in the contract signing were Joshua Tsuchiya
(Technical Operations Head, EATZ Group/UnliCity), Renz Victor Picache (Brand Acquisition Manager, Ayala Group), Robert Laurel Yupangco (President of Yupangco Group), MaYa GaMir (COO, Zoomanity Group), Carl Cabral (Manager, Jake Zyrus Team), Grace Bondad Nicolas (Co Founder , Tag Media Group), Jose Mari Laurel Yupangco (CEO, Yupangco Electronics Corporation) and Rolando E. Valenzuela (Financial Advisor, Zoomanity Group).

The development from the Yupangco Group will be the biggest store as compare-with their existing concepts as mentioned by Robert Laurel Yupangco.

According to Robert, “The concept we have in mind for our project with Ayala group is the first in the Philippines to promote our Filipino talents and to promote the Philippines as the premier tourist destination.”

For more information, call 09778978877 or 02 2193503.


The most awaited season has arrived! Have you caught yourself planning a long vacation trip or a quick out of town adventure with your family, friends, and loved ones? These and more is something Zoomanity Group’s Zooper Zummer has to offer. Hold on as we give you our newest and most exciting events and attractions for a summer like never before!

Going to the North from Manila is where the wild adventure happens. Bring out your animal instinct as Zoobic Safari being the only tiger safari in the Philippines located in Subic, offers an amazing experience for everyone. Hang on for a new wave of safari adventure in this exotic sanctuary. Zoobic Safari also brings back the much awaited “Night Safari”, packed with more thrill and excitement. Tour around this exotic sanctuary at night, the first of its kind in the Philippines, all Saturdays until May 25, 2019.

Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Clark Pampanga offers you a different fun filled experience. Attractions include the Maze, Zoocology Museum, The Barn, Menagerie, Giant Slide, and the Zooc Ride the first and only gravity car ride in the country that’s safe for all ages. Enjoy a night of fascinating show in Zoocobia Night Owl every Saturday until May 25, 2019 featuring Animal Parade, Horses on Parade, Aeta’s Tribal Show, Neon Show (Philippine Pride and Adventure Rides, LED Dancers, and Night Owl Dancers).

Beside Zoocobia is Clarkzilla, it is the newest extreme adventure destination in Pampanga that offers a “Dubai Feel” experience. Challenge yourself to zooper up your 4×4 experience by crossing river, lahar and Mt. Pinatubo. Experience other exciting activities like Zip Line, ATV Ride and Camel Ride.

ZOORI is a perfect get-away vacation spot in the heart of the majestic beauty of Tagaytay. With a very comforting Carribean-style air conditioned view-deck hotel rooms enjoy a tranquil haven of soothing ambiance with complete and clean amenities and facilities. Have a look to the picturesque view of Taal Volcano and fairytale-inspired mini zoo.

While Paradizoo located at Mendez, Cavite, a haven for plants and animals offers guest a unique farm experience with both flora and fauna co-existing in harmony in this 10-hectare agri-tourism enclave. Fun-filled activities makes the farm a wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature at its best.

Enjoy these wonderful activities in Zoomanity Parks where the happiness begins. Get exciting discounts and freebies by liking Zoomanity Group’s official Facebook fan page at http://www.facebook.com/zoomanitygroup. For more info please call: 847-0413/ 899-9824; Text: 0927-5899696. Email: events@zoomanity.com.ph or visit our website at http://www.zoomanity.com.ph.

Zoobic Safari At 15

In celebration of the 15 Years Anniversary celebration of Zoobic Safari, the only Safari in the Philippines comes the “Binagbag Arts and Music Festival” which according to the organisers is the biggest Arts and Music activity in Subic with expected 5000 in attendance on May 17, 2019 at 5PM in the grounds of Zoobic Safari in Subic.

Supported by Tag Media Group, Jollibee and Lemonsquare Coffee Break & Square Lava Cake, the event will be participated by different local and national artists like Franco, Dicta License, Anima Tierra, Momo DeMonster, The Brown Candles, 21st Fever, Reberde, Bushwaker among others who will participate in the music fest with RadioJock Ayi of UFM 105.5 and Anginell Topacio
as hosts.

According to the Chief Operations Officer of Zoobic Safari, May Gamir, “Under the Yupangco Group of Companies, Zoomanity Group is one of the leading zoo / theme park industry in the Philippines. It consists 8 operational local and international parks namely:
– zoobic Safari in Subic
– Zoori (Zoo at Residence Inn) in Tagaytay
– Paradizoo Theme Farm in Mendez Cavite
– Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Clark, Pampanga
– Clark Lahar Safari, Clark Pampanga
– Zoocolate Thrills in Bohol
– Zootopia in Nagano, Japan
– Breeding and research facility in Victoria, Australia.

Zoomanity Group aims to promote and expand Zoo Tourism in the Philippines, introducing new projects that emphasize learning thru experience.

Our facilities are uniquely exciting and have been designed to provide enjoyment and education to visitors of all ages. With the goal of giving the best tourist destination and nature educational experiences.

Part of Zoomanity group corporate social responsibility is to help the local people around the parks, giving employment especially to the “Aytas” or indigenous groups.

Following our mission and vision
To be the best nature theme park in the country and eventually in the world focusing on our Four (4) “E” pillars:

* Education
* Environmental conservation
* Exhibit and
* Entertainment

Our Advocacy: To make the Philippines One Big Green Park.”

For 15 Years, part of the Zoobic Safari manpower came from the Aetas communities in Subic. It has been an amazing 15 years working alongside with these wonderful people. Part of the proceeds of this event will be for the Medical and Dental Mission of our Aetas brothers and sisters.

For more information, please check http://www.zoomanity.com.ph or 022193503.


Be Grateful….

Happiness should be shared and sorrow should be hidden in the deepest ocean floor. Where the unknown lives and depths were unmeasureable.

You see? Life should be treated with care and gratefulness but human like us were capable of making a thousand ways to make it so damn hard.

We like to create miseries that we only know exists. Such a shame! It makes us paranoid and even makes us fragile from stress and worries. We can’t do well at all because we fear of what will happen next instead of living life today.

So who cares if this will be our last day? If we spend it on how we should like to spend our life.

Who cares??

We Do. The same reason why we can’t be totally grateful of what we have today.

If only we know how to live today. To cast all the troubles of tomorrow and to forget the mistakes of the past. Just forget the feeling on it but the lessons should be remembered.

A lot happened this past few months. Sudden deaths, fire and recently constant earthquake.

It makes me trimbled in fear.

I can’t slept. What will happen next? I don’t know how to feel and think. Sleeping at night is so hard. I can’t trust my heart and my own mind for the kind fears they kept on nagging at my head.

You see? I’m very imaginative. And sometimes it leads to troubles than good.

I’m living with what if I can’t see my children again? What if the earthquake will hit as hard? What if someone I care will die?

Full of what if.

I can’t live with that.

So every night I prayed hard.

I pray for everyones safety.

I care more.

I’ve become more grateful than yesterday.

Simple things matters to me.

Even when my husband arrives at home after work makes my heart so happy.

Seeing my kids safe makes me feel I’m doing the best job of my life.

Knowing my family back home were safe from danger makes me happy.

Simple things that I took for granted before makes me so happy now.

So I hope from the bottom of my heart, you see that kind of happiness too.

The kind that can’t be bought with money and titles.

The kind that makes you at peace at night.

And I hope everyone is doing fine as well.

Let’s be grateful. Let’s make it habit.

Binagbag: The biggest music and arts festival in Subic

On April 27, 2019 inside Zoobic Safari in Subic, Zambales comes Binagbag, the biggest music and arts festival in Subic with Franco and more local and hottest bands right now.

Zoomanity Group, The organiser is expecting more than 2000 attendees to join the festivities that will start at 5AM, guests can also enjoy the whole 50 hectares theme park facility which is dubbed as the only Tiger Safari in the Philippines with more than 50 tigers and more than 200 species.

The event is for the benefit of the Aetas in Subic. For their livelihood and to help the indigent Aetas children. Zoomanity Group is the leading theme park management in the Philippines that’s composed of Zoobic Safari in Subic, Zoocobia in Clark Pampanga, Paradizoo in Mendez Cavite, Zoocolate Thrills in Bohol and Zoori inside Residence Inn Tagaytay.

For sponsorship and more details; Tag Media Group-09778978877/ 022193503

Where to go in Subic: Zoobic ” Night” Safari 2019

It’s Zooper Zummer once again and of course, we will launch again the only theme park activity at night which received a nice raved from the patrons. You don’t need to just stay in your hotel and watch movies because you can still enjoy the outdoor because of the only Night Safari in the Philippines that started last March 2, 2019.
“Gear up your nocturnal senses and prepare for a series of roaring nights of fun in visiting Zoobic Safari’s-classic attractions, Serpentarium; a wild encounter with snakes, lizards and iguanas, Zoobic Park, a walk-through petting zoo, Tiger Safari, an enclosed safari jeep ride that will take you to the tigers’ natural habitat, Croco Loco, a crocodile lair where you will have a chance to feed them. Take a walk together with the greyhounds and follow the night trail in Greyhound Walk.. Enjoy a different and bolder show specially prepared for the night’s entertainment; expect an explosive presentation that will surely growl your mind away.”
Payment options:
Php 695 (Adult)
Php 595 (Kids)
1. Over-the-counter payment at BDO
2. Credit card
3. ATM / Debit card
4. PayPal

Zoobic Park
Tiger Safari Ride
Croco Loco
Greyhound Walk
Forbidden Cave
Zoobic Cave
Enchanted Forest
Butaan Museum
Tram Ride
Night Safari Show

Children below 3 ft. is FREE!
3 ft.- 4 ft is child rate
4 ft. above is adult rate

Acceptance of guests starts at 5PM up to 8PM only
Night Safari show starts at 8PM.

Regular rates apply for walk in guests. To avail the discount, buy your tickets online at https://www.zoomanitypayment.com/ticketing/reservation/tickets/zoobic-safari/night-safari-
See Yeah There!!!!

Zoomanity Group CEO, Robert Laurel Yupangco at Anti- Bullying Forum 2019

Last February 11, 2019 at La Consolacion College, Pasig (LCCP), 400 students attended the Anti- Bullying Forum. LCCP had 2 distinguished speakers;
An award winning entrepreneur, Robert Laurel Yupangco who is also the grandson of our former President of the Philippines, Jose P. Laurel and the CEO of Zoomanity Group. Lastly is the newly graduate & Cum Laude from Polytechnic University of the Philippines who in-spite of being poor & bullied, still managed to proved that one can still make it to the top and ignore any challenges.

The Manila Times Business Writer, Entrepreneur and LCCP PTC President, Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas moderated the event.

Cyber-bullying or any bullying done through the use of technology or any electronic means is also bullying punishable under the law.

According to LCCP Guidance Councilor, Letmi Dela China, “pursuant to the provisions of Section 7 of Republic Act No. 10627 otherwise known as the “Anti-Bullying Act of 2013” the Guidance Office would like to have an Institutional 3 Days Anti-Bullying Campaign as part of the Bullying Prevention Program of La Consolacion College Pasig. The program adapts three different approaches to bullying such as (1) awareness-communication, (2) early intervention and prevention; and (3) remediation-violation. We hope that through this campaign we will be able to impart the students on how to stop bullying and how to protect and save them from bullies.”

Philippines. The Republic Act 10627 or the Anti-Bullying Act of 2013 was signed into law by Former President Benigno Aquino III on September 6, 2013. The law requires all elementary and secondary schools in the country to adopt an anti-bullying policy.


The M. BUTTERFLY National Tour 2019 is all set to spread its wings even wider to reach major cities namely Iloilo, Dumaguete, Cebu, Davao, Manila and Baguio.

Presented by Tony and Grammy award winning producer Jhett Tolentino and FRONTROW Entertainment (producer of highly-acclaimed independent films Bhoy Intsik and Bwaya), the M. BUTTERFLY National Tour 2019 was decided upon by the producers to bring this world-class masterpiece to those who did not have the opportunity to catch its 2018 Manila run. After all, location should not limit one’s exposure to the arts and culture.

Most theater companies in our country whose successful productions in Manila are often hindered from bringing their projects to other key cities because of the many challenges and technical details involved. And this is why Jhett Tolentino and FRONTROW Entertainment are taking this bolder step to carry on their mission and advocacy in the performing arts and to further enhance audience development throughout the Philippine archipelago.

This revival production of David Henry Hwang’s M. BUTTERFLY is the winner of the 2018 ALIW AWARDS for Best Play, Best Actor and Best Director. It was also nominated for two Best Featured Actresses in a Play and Best Ensemble.

M. Butterfly, which tells the story originally premiered on Broadway in 1998 and won 3 Tony Awards for Best Play, Best Feature Actor and Best Director.

Synopsis: René Gallimard is a member of the French embassy in China. René is mild mannered and considers himself to be poor with women. He meets and falls in love with Chinese opera star Song Liling, a woman whom he considers to be the embodiment of the perfect woman, Madame Butterfly. But when West meets East, everything is not what it seems….

Targeting audiences between ages 18 and beyond, the producers are hoping that this classic drama, inspired by Giaccomo Puccini’s opera Madame Butterfly’, will likewise resonate to theater audiences from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao that “ love, power and deception holds no boundaries – whether this be in a rural or urban setting.”

RS FRANCISCO, the 2018 Aliw Awards Best Actor for M. Butterfly shall reprise his iconic portrayal of Song Liling, the Chinese opera singer who is Gallimard’s object of affection and seduces him through his biases of the East then exploits their intimacy to collect classified information for agents of the Chinese Communist Party.

RS first essayed this role in May 1990 for Dulaang UP, opposite veteran actor, writer and critic Behn Cervantes. On its debut, M. Butterfly immediately rose to critical acclaim with packed houses and box office success in over 100 performances throughout the Philippines.

In the many years thereafter, RS Francisco’s theater credits in numerous productions and variety of roles continued to hone his craft as a compleat artist. In films, his most recent awards include the SINAG MAYNILA Best Actor, the STAR AWARDS Movie Actor of the Year and the SUBIC BAY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Best Actor.

When M. BUTTERFLY was revived recently on Broadway, RS had thought of bringing it to life once again to the new theater audiences of today. After all, this is the only ‘one’ role that continues to remain as closest to his heart.

To add a diverse twist to the M. Butterfly National Tour 2019, young actor AIRA IGARTA will step into the role of Song Liling as alternate in certain performances. As an original member of the Kurogo ensemble of the play’s 2018 Manila run, Aira is a stage and film actor from the Theatre Arts Program of UP Diliman where he took part in several Dulaang UP and Dulaang Labortoryo productions. Trained by the likes of Tony Fabella and Luther Perez, Aira was originally a dance and voice scholar at Quezon City Performing Arts Foundation (QCPADFI).

French actor OLIVIER BORTEN shall essay the role of Rene Gallimard, a former French diplomat, who relates the story of his passionate, disastrous affair with Song Liling from his cell in a Paris prison, where he is serving a long sentence for treason.

Philippine theater royalty JENINE DESIDERIO, who among many other theater, film, television and recording credits, assumed the lead role as Kim in the West End’s original Miss Saigon, will portray Gallimard’s wife – Helga. The pair married as a matter of convenience; Helga’s father had diplomatic connections that helped Gallimard ascend in his career.

After 25 years of stage acting experience in the United Kingdom, Scottish NORM MCLEOD has stepped in the Philippine stage as Manuel Toulon, the French Ambassador to China who also happens to be the dominant and strong-willed superior of Gallimard at the embassy in Beijing. Toulon promotes Gallimard to vice-consul and charges him with collecting information to aid the American war in Vietnam.

Trilingual American actor LEE O’BRIAN will once more personify Marc, the sexually unapologetic best friend of Gallimard. He encourages Gallimard to take sexual advantage of the women around him without regard for their feelings or even their consent. Although M. Butterfly was Lee’s first theatrical endeavor, his acting skills have already been tried and tested in international films Edsa Woolworth and Forgive Me Father. O’Brian also portrays Sharpless in M. Butterfly for a brief while.

Portraying the different roles of Suzuki, Comrade Chin and Shu Fang is powerful and well-rounded artist MAYEN ESTAÑERO. Her impressive performance in the 2018 run of M. Butterfly landed her an Aliw Awards nomination for Best Featured Actress. Mayen’s previous theater credits include Dalanghita Production’s Corazon Negro, An Operetta as Maestra, Virgin Labfest’s Mula sa Kulimliman as Leila and Sugid Production’s Buwan at Baril as Asawa. Comrade Chin is a member of the Red Guards, a paramilitary arm of the Communist Party in China. Song communicates with Comrade Chin often, to pass on the classified information he gathers from Gallimard.

Twice a finalist as Best Actress for the Aliw Awards, MAYA ENCILA receives her third nomination as Best Featured Actress for her unique characterization of Renee and Pin-Up Girl in M. Butterfly. The stunning Arizona native plays a young, sexually liberated Danish woman with whom Gallimard has an affair. Renee’s boldness presents a stark contrast to Song’s modesty, which Gallimard finds both exciting and obnoxious. A true expert in performing arts, Maya has taken the stage countless times as Mary Lennox for The Secret Garden, as Belle for Repertory Philippines’ Beauty and the Beast musical and as Lara for Philippine Stagers’ KATIPS, to name a few.

Rising soprano star JASMIN SALVO will be the new Opera Singer for the national tour.
The members of the ensemble playing the role of Kurogo are as follows: PHEITH IENA BALLUG, ULLYSES BASA, SASA CABALQUINTO, FRANCO FERRER and JOHN PAUL ORTENERO.

The artistic team of M. Butterfly are as follows: Jhett Tolentino and RS Francisco (Producers), Ohm David (Set), Eric Pineda (Costume), John Batalla (Lighting), Jethro Joaquin (Sound), Joed Balsamo (Music) and Carissa Adea (Choreography).
The M. BUTTERFLY NATIONAL TOUR 2019 will benefit 10 charitable institutions namely: Iloilo Prima Galaw, Philippine National Red Cross Iloilo Chapter, The Children of Cebu Foundation, Silliman University Culture and Arts Council, the Arts Council of Cebu Foundation, Love the Children Foundation, House of Hope Foundation, Halfway Home for the Boys and St. Louis University Culture and Arts Center.

VENUE: SM City Iloilo Cinema 6
Feb. 14 – Thursday – Opening Night – 7pm
Feb. 15 – Friday – 2pm / 7pm
Feb. 16 – Saturday – 2pm / 7pm
Feb. 17 – Sunday – 2pm / 7pm

VENUE: Luce Auditorium, Silliman University
Feb. 28 – Thursday – Opening Night – 7pm
Mar. 01 – Friday – 7pm
Mar. 02 – Saturday – 2pm / 7pm
Mar. 03 – Sunday – 2pm / 7pm

VENUE : SM Seaside City Centerstage
Mar. 14 – Thursday – Opening Night – 7pm
Mar. 15 – Friday – 7pm
Mar. 16 – Saturday – 2pm / 7pm
Mar. 17 – Sunday – 2pm / 7pm

VENUE: SM Lanang Premier Cinema 6
Mar. 28 – Thursday – Opening Night – 7pm
Mar. 29 – Friday – 2pm / 7pm
Mar. 30 – Saturday – 2pm / 7pm
Mar. 31 – Sunday – 2pm / 7pm

VENUE: Maybank Performing Arts Theater
May 8 – Wednesday – Opening Night – 8pm
May 9- Thursday – 8pm
May 10 – Friday – 8pm
May 11 – Saturday – 2pm / 8pm
May 12 – Sunday – 2pm / 8pm
May 15 – Wednesday – 8pm
May 16 – Thursday – 8pm
May 17 – Friday – 8pm
May 18 – Saturday – 2pm / 8pm
May 19 – Sunday – 2pm / 8pm

VENUE: St. Louis University
May 30 – Thursday – Opening Night 7pm
May 31 – Friday – 7pm
Jun. 1 – Saturday – 2pm / 7pm
Jun. 2 – Sunday – 2pm / 7pm

Ticket merchants per area:
ILOILO, DAVAO, CEBU, BAGUIO – SM Tickets at any SM Mall nationwide or online at SMTickets.com
DUMAGUETE – Culture and Arts Council Office, Silliman University through contact nos. (035) 422-4365, (0917) 300-0346, (0999) 797-7825
MANILA – TicketWorld through contact no. (02) 891-9999 or ticketworld.com
The ticket prices vary per city between P500 to P2,000 plus taxes and fees.
Check out M. Butterfly at the following social media:
Facebook: /MButterflyPH
Twitter: @MButterflyPH
YouTube: MButterflyPH
For further inquiries, please contact JHETT TOLENTINO at (0906) 576-6914.

The sadness within…

I’ve become sad whenever I read or watch something depressing. So I filtered my account to shield my eyes for such thing. I even stop watching dramatic movies. I don’t like more dramas in my life.

My imagination is very creative and it will entertained me for a long time. When you lose a lot of people whose close to your heart, you start to stop seeing more to go. I stop to see more to go. When you care so much, it’s hard to let go. So when people says ” if you love someone,let them go. That’s foolishness.

You just need to let them feel how you feel. Because my dear friend, life here is shorter than you think. You wouldn’t know how much time you have or them. So I decided to create more happy memories. I tend to escape this online world and spend time with my family. Yet, I still feel empty. I feared to lose more.

Have you ever experience dreaming bodies of water and the next couple of months another love one, dies? It’s creepy actually. Whenever I saw a person, I see their aura that starts fading. Do you know how saddening it is? And when I was growing up my father always reminding me he won’t last long to see his grandchildren.

How does he knows that?

Why his seeing things like that?

Maybe it’s human nature or maybe our very soul knows what’s in store for us. Maybe let’s start listening to that voice that keeps us awake at night, so will know what to do. Or maybe let’s start to face the sad reality in life. No one will stay for so long.

You just need to love them so hard and make their lives happier if you can. Show compassion. Inspire them to be better. Allow them to grow. To see how beautiful this world is. Let them be their own person. Let them be mad and crazy and learned from it.

Laugh hard. Love more. Be better for your own sake. Be the wonder that your looking for. Be brave. See the world outside your cage. If people don’t inspire you,inspire yourself. You always have a choice until you don’t have a say on anything.

Until then, do the things you wanted to do.

The reason why her love starts fading…

Its when you make her feel less important. That going out with her is just a waste of time. You don’t look at her like before and it’s killing her. She’s doing everything she can to cope up with you but you’re too busy with your own needs and insecurities.

Its when you keep on adding “girl friends” on social media but never posted her on your account. It’s when you always reminded her how ugly and incaple she is to you.

Its when you don’t noticed her sad eyes looking at you.

Its when she keeps her sanity on check and you keep on going her crazy.

Man! Don’t do it. She may be just a partner or a girlfriend to you. But she’s like salt. You can’t realized its presence until your food became tasteless.

Treasured your woman.

She did everything for you. From your food to your laundry, up to your mess. Make her feel loved and priceless. Make her your queen. Create your empire with her. She can be your best asset and you don’t want her to be on the other side.

So this coming valentines day.

Make your woman happy.

Create happy memories with her. Love her as much as you can. As much as you do.

Remember why you choose her at the first place.