You are you…

Your not your parents child. Your not your students teacher. Your not your employer, employees. You are you. You didn't broke your wings by falling. You dig from hell to survive. So you are you. Stop acting someone owns you. Live your life. Life is not about branding nor ownership. Its about living.


“Christmas is for the children” quotes Robert L. Yupangco, CEO of Zoomanity Group, one of the leading companies in the theme park industry. With this in mind, the company is taking the opportunity to give back the happiness and blessings to less fortunate children this season of sharing and thanksgiving. Mr. Yupangco emphasizes that the... Continue Reading →

A theme park with a heart

Robert Laurel Yupangco of Zoomanity Group and Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas of Kiwanis Club of Makati Just recently, Zoomanity Group headed by its Chief Executive Officer, Robert Laurel Yupangco supported the Family Day at the grounds of La Consolacion College Pasig, 100 indigent kids from the adopted community of the school came and received different... Continue Reading →

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